8. Toiyabe

“No doubt an Indian Word”

36 x 48 in | Toiyabe

  From History of the Toiyabe National Forest, A Compilation “Toiyabe has been defined with several meanings.  No doubt an Indian word, but translated by some as being the word for ‘black mountains,’ while others contend it refers to ‘bald hills...’”

“The name Toiyabe not only has several translated meanings but it has also been spelled differently.  In 1867, plats showed the mountain range named Toi-ya-be.  Official records in 1925 omitted the “i” making it Toyabe.  A misprint in letterhead in 1949 showed it spelled Toiyable.  Regardless of the many changes in area and name, the National Forest lands have steadily increased in value and contributed to the economy and pleasure of the people in Nevada and California under the policy of multiple-use management.”

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