6. Okinikane

“Rendezvous” Wildlife Area

48 x 36 in. | Priest

48 x 36 in. | Okinikane Okanegen Okanogan 

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    From Washington Secretary of State 2011 Okanogan’s name is derived from an Indian word okanagen, meaning “rendezvous,” and was applied originally to the Okanogan River’s head at Osoyoos Lake where Native tribes from Canada and the U.S. gathered annually to catch and cure fish, to trade, and to hold potlatches. The name gradually was applied to the river and to the tribe that lived along its banks.

    From State of Washington Department of Ecology Water-Supply Bulletin 34, 1974 The name Okanogen is derived from an Indian word, “okinikane,” equivalent to the English word “rendezvous.”  Each autumn, to repenish their game and fish supplies for the winter, the Indians met at a large lake that forms the head of the river in Canada.  This annual gathering gave the lake, and hence the river, its name.

36 x 48 in. | Old Dominion

48 x 36 in. | Methow

  The Methow (/ˈmɛthaʊ/ MET-how) are a Native American tribe that lived along the Methow River, a tributary of the Columbia River in northern Washington. The river's English name is taken from that of the tribe. The name "Methow" comes from the Okanagan placename /mətxʷú/, meaning "sunflower (seeds)".

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